Knife Gate Valve

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Knife gate valve has features of compact structure and light weighted. Neway knife gate valve is designed with lower operation torque, full bore, high Cv, sealing surface self clean, short F-F dimension, installation space saving, and easy maintenance. It is widely used in modern industrial, such as mining, power plant, city waste water disposing, food and beverage, paper mill, pharmaceutical, and chemical industry etc. Upon request valve can be offered with manual、pneumatic、electric or hydraulic actuated remote control service.


Design Feature   Product Range
Low torque, easy operation
Zero leakage packing and stuffing box design
No wear during shut off and open process
Full port, No begrime & No jam
Bar design guide blade to move smoothly
Stoper design ensure reliable sealing
To thoroughly tested and verified nuclear electrical conditions
Round shape design on both sides of the blade for enforcing body and lengthening packing life 

Size 2~24”(DN50~DN600)
Rating 100~150Psi (0.6~1MPa)
Body Materials Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Sealing Type Soft Seal, Metal To Metal Seal
Trim Per Requirement s Of Customer
Design Standard Per MSS-SP-81
Test Standard Soft seal Per Zero leakage
Metal To Metal Seal Per MSS-SP-81
End Connection Per MSS-SP-81



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