V-ball Control Valve

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Neway V-ball control valves are composed of V-notch ball valve、actuator and other accessories. It utilizes compressed air forcing stem to drive the ball rotating 90ì in the body, achieving fully open to fully close. The valve plug with V-notch design has the flow-cut function, therefore, it has excellent flow controlling and cutting off function. Equipped with pneumatic or electric actuator cooperating with accessories like positioner or solenoid valve, it can achieve adjusting by ratio. Soft seal and metal seal are optional sealing types. 
In services of petroleum、chemical industry、pharmaceutical、waste water disposing and tank trunk, it’s used for on-off and regulating various mediums, such as liquid、gas and slurry , ideal for high viscosity and fibre and grain containing medium.


Design Feature   Product Range
Strong flow capacity
High adjustable ratio
Designed per high leakage rate
V-notch design with self-cleaning function
1/4 turn design for quick on-off
Modularized integral structure design for easy inter-changeable
Maintain conveniently、compact and non-demand for installation location
High reliablility & Multi-function
Apply to special services containing grain and fibre
Size 1 ウ 16” (DN25~DN400)
Pressure Rating 150 ウ 600LB (PN16~PN100)
Body Materials Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Steel
Operation PAA pneumatic angle actuator、Electric actuator
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