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Cryogenic Valve

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Neway Cryogenic Valve

Neway currently can produce cryogenic valves for working temperature down to -196℃ which are widely used in LNG、LPG、air separation and other low temperature industry. Neway in-house computer controlled test facility can certify valves up to 48”. 


Design Feature   Product Range
Extended bonnet
Low emission packing
Full stellite overlay sealing surface
Open the escape and raise the upper seal seat avoid abnormal thermo expansion in the cavity and bonnet
Prevent stem unstability structure
Type Gate, Globes, Swing Check, Avial Check, Lift Check
Size 1/2~42”(DN15~DN1050)
Rating 150 ~2500LB (PN20~PN420)
Body Materials Stainless Steel, Low Temperature Alloy Steel, Dual-Stainless Steel



Manual Valve
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