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Three-way Control Valve

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Neway Three-way Control Valve

Neway three way (combine/diffluence) control valve has functions of dividing one-way flow into two-way flow or combining two-way flow into one-way flow. It has features of S-shape passageway、cage-guided、quick-disassemble seat and integral design , ideal for heat exchanger to adjust temperature. Equipped with valve positioner, it’ll have advantages of adjusting by ratio、high adjustable ratio and high Cv etc , so it’s widely used in automatic-control services, such as paper mill、chemical industry、petroleum、chemical fiber and metallurgy etc..


Design Feature   Product Range
Adopt quick disassemble structure satisfying on-line maintenance
Body integral design, more convenient
Adopt S-shape passageway with strong flow capacity
Large guiding area for stable movement
Modularized integral structure design for easy inter-changeable

Size 1-1/2~12" (DN40~DN300)
Pressure Rating 150 ~600LB (PN16 ~ PN100)
Body Materials Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Steel
Operation PDL pneumatic diaphragm actuator、PCL pneumatic piston actuator、Electric actuator



Actuated Valve
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