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Nuclear Check Valve

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Neway Nuclear Check Valve

Nuclear check valves are used in million kilowatt grade pressurized water reactor nuclear power unit to avoid the reverse flow and to obtain cut-off and isolation function for protecting system and equipment、 ensuring pipe system operating safety and alleviating accident effect. The valve is designed as safety class 2 and 3、standard Gr. 2 and 3 and seismic level 1A and 1I. Neway nuclear check valve prototype has been all of the following type test certified: 2000 hot circle lifetime、hot cycle test、flow interruption capability、reverse flow and end loading, satisfying the various function requirements in operating condition.

Nuclear Check Valve


Design Feature   Product Range
Built-in disc design reduces external leakage 
Bonnet joint double sealed design 
Disc anti-rotation design ensure sealing location repeatable 
Passageway optimized by CFD software to minimum the flow resistance
ALL seismic and fatigue analyzed by FEA software

DN ≤400mm
Temperature ≤350℃
Design Pressure ≤17.5MPa
End Connection SW、 BW 、Flange
Body Materials Stainless Steel、Carbon Steel、Alloy Steel
Type Swing、Lift

Nuclear Valves
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